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Disaster Planning Tips

In Austin, Texas, disasters can happen with or without warning. Whether the earth shakes violently, a hurricane rolls in, a wildfire sweeps through the region, or some other calamity causes insurance losses, the steps you take long before disaster can help you recover afterward. Below are a few steps you can take immediately to ensure your next insurance claim is off to the best possible start:

  • Evaluate your current insurance coverage. Is it enough? Do you have guaranteed replacement cost coverage? Do you have endorsements for items that are subject to policy limits? Is your deductible amount appropriate? Do you have inflation protection? Call your insurance agent to change your coverage as needed.
  • Conduct a comprehensive inventory. Your property and possessions should be documented NOW. Should you suffer a loss in the future, you can use videos and photos to prove your losses. Make sure that you have a current home inventory and update it at least once per year.
  • Place your important documents in a safe, secure location. Store important documents such as your deed, insurance policy, mortgage papers, birth certificates, passports, and home inventories in a safe deposit box at your bank. Consider storing electronic copies online as well.
  • Keep an insurance claim checklist near your phone. Include your policy numbers, insurance company contact numbers, public insurance adjuster's phone number, and a list of basic steps to take should a loss occur.

Taking these simple steps today can make your post-insurance disaster life much easier in the future.