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Top 5 Signs You Need a Austin Public Adjuster

Insurance claims in Austin can be a simple matter of calling your insurance company, scheduling a convenient time for the adjuster to evaluate the loss, and receiving an insurance check a few days later. On the other hand, they can also become nightmares with unanswered phone calls, mountains of confusing paperwork, lowball estimates, and outright denials. Your claim may fall somewhere in between, and it may be warning you that you need help.

Insurance Claim Warning Sign #1

Stress, stress, and more stress. Whether you feel sick to your stomach with stress, are suffering from headaches, or can't sleep because you're worried about your claim, stress is a major warning sign that your claim needs help. Claims don't have to be so stressful!

Insurance Claim Warning Sign #2

Low or incomplete estimates. If your insurance company's estimates seem low, have a public adjuster take a look to verify that everything has been estimated correctly. Public adjusters will make sure that all estimates use local building costs, include like materials, and contain all losses.

Insurance Claim Warning Sign #3

Partial or full denials. If your insurance company has denied any part of your claim, or the entire claim, a public adjuster is a must. Don't accept the insurance company's word that your claim is invalid. It may be perfectly valid but not properly filed or documented.

Insurance Claim Warning Sign #4

Confusing terminology or requirements. As a policyholder, you don't deal with insurance terminology, forms, and requirements very often so it's not surprising that you find the process confusing. Unfortunately, in order to be fully compensated, you need to know exactly what the insurance company expects of you and what you're entitled to under your insurance policy.

Insurance Claim Warning Sign #5

You're running short on time. The claims process requires a great deal of attention on your part. If you have little time to devote to the process, consider hiring a public adjuster to make sure that your claim is completed completely and in a timely manner.

If any of these warning signs have appeared, give us a call. We'll make sure your claim gets back on track and we'll work diligently to represent your best interests throughout the process.