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What is an Austin public adjuster as opposed to a claims adjuster?

An Austin public adjuster is a claims adjuster just like the person that your insurance company sent out to adjust your claim. However, your public adjuster works for YOU, not for an insurance company. This means that your public adjuster works on your insurance claim from your perspective, looking at everything from your point of view.

How can a public adjuster help me receive more money from my insurance company?

Public adjusters can often increase final settlement offers due to their thorough approach and accurate loss assessments. We find and claim every possible loss that you have suffered and make sure that all claims are supported with proof and estimated to their fullest value for which you are covered.

Why do public adjusters offer services to policyholders?

Just as some attorneys choose to represent plaintiffs and others choose to represent defendants, insurance adjusters can choose different career paths. Public adjusters have chosen to serve the general public rather than insurance companies. Reasons vary from a desire to serve consumers to wanting to operate independently.

How can I tell if a public adjuster knows what he's doing?

Public insurance adjusters are licensed insurance professionals. The licensing authority requires insurance adjusters to pass an exam and continue their education with continuing education classes. Just as a licensed real estate agent is qualified to sell your house, a licensed public adjuster is qualified to handle your insurance claim.