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Austin Public Adjuster

Do You Need an Austin Public Adjuster?

We are licensed to provide insurance claim help to policyholders throughout Texas. Whether you need a second opinion before cashing an insurance settlement check or want us to handle your entire claim from the first notice of loss, we are dedicated to helping you obtain the highest possible settlement from your insurance company.

Austin Public Adjusters Serve Policyholders

After filling an insurance claim, your insurance company will usually send its own claims adjuster out to assess the damage. However, savvy policyholders bring in their own insurance adjusters known as "public" adjusters to survey the damage. By having your own public adjuster, you can make sure that your final settlement offer takes all of your losses into account and compensates you for those losses to the fullest value allowed under the terms of your policy.

How Public Adjusters Work

We work as YOUR representative, helping you to file your insurance claim, document your losses, prove your losses, and estimate the value of your losses. When there's a problem with the insurance company's estimates, we're quick to point it out and help your insurance company compensate you properly. We work on a contingency just as many attorneys do. This means that if we obtain a settlement for you, we'll be paid a small percentage out of the final settlement. It also means that if we do not obtain a settlement, then you do not pay us a dime.

Are you ready to learn how an Austin public adjuster can help you get the largest possible insurance settlement? Give us a call today for your free, no obligation consultation.